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It depends on the unique needs and requirements of each project so there is no one size fits all answer to this question. Each project goes through a four stage development process. We won’t lie, it’s intensive, costs a lot, and requires much in terms of resources to complete a full scale model AI machine.
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It depends on the specific challenges and problems you face in your business but the potential benefits can be tremendous. For example, if meeting customer service demands is a big challenge in your company then AI can often make this far more efficient for the customer and the company by using Bots. The Bots can handle customer enquiries, answer tough questions, arrange appointments, and more. This would also save money on labour costs that would be used for humans in this role.

If marketing is a challenge then AI can help you work out what your customers want so you know exactly what products or services to sell them, therefore, dramatically increasing your revenue.

The potential benefits are really endless depending on what it is you’re looking to achieve.

Yes and no. What happens is that the machine is programmed to respond to specific problems based on a computational algorithm, and then the machine is tasked with solving that problem using the data available. Essentially, the machines uses information and data in its program, and then ‘intelligently’ works out how to best solve a problem based on the available information and data.
No, because AI machines do not have the conscious level of intelligence that a human being does. They can only be programmed to respond to tasks or achieve goals consistent with whatever is programmed into them. Therefore, they cannot deviate outside of this programming. As yet, there is no such thing as ‘super intelligent’ AI.
It’s true that AI is in its infancy in terms of its development as a field and its capabilities. However, that’s what makes it crucial to start moving towards AI solutions now. If you wait, every business will be using AI and there will be fierce competition.

Getting in now means reduced competition, therefore, if you use AI now, you get that ‘unfair’ advantage that could result in huge amounts of additional profits to your company’s bottom line.

A good example of what we mean is to look at Google AdWords now. Now, competition for keywords is intense, therefore the price is extremely high for advertising on Google. However, if you’d used Google AdWords in 2007, you could be getting keywords for probably half the price or less that you’re getting them at now.

Now is the best time to start with AI before every other company catches on.

No, because superhuman level intelligent AI does not exist. There is a possibility that superhuman intelligent AI could be developed in the future but this is not something to be concerned about at this stage.
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This is an incredibly difficult question to answer because it all depends on the requirements and needs of each company. There are many variables to consider when transitioning to AI. For example, your team will need to be trained in how to analyse and interpret data from AI, they will need to know how to train the machines for a desired response, and plenty more. Some people will need to be switched into different roles.

It’s best to get in touch with us for a consultation call for a more specific answer to this question.

Companies most suitable for AI should ideally already be earning at least £10 million per year in sales revenue. They should have staff that can handle and train the machines being built, and other additional resources to make this transition seamless and handle the demands of the AI machine.

This is not ideal for startups with no seed funding or small businesses earning less than £10 million per year in sales revenue.

Unlike many other companies, we don’t disappear. We provide you with ongoing support and assistance in using the machine based solution. We’ll even help you look at ways to constantly improve the machine so you can get optimise results in your business that the machine provides.
No, they are not like some kind of machine that needs a working motor or engine to work properly. Everything works based on computational algorithms and advanced code. As long as the code and algorithms are created correctly and tested first before being used in the real-world then there will be no problems.