The step by step process you’ll go through when working with us.

1 Gett AI Strategy Call

We start with a consultation call, which is designed to help us get a better idea about your business, your market, and how AI can help you. We’ll get to the root of the problems that are holding your business back and then explain to you in easy to understand terms how our AI machine solutions can help you overcome those problems.

2 Gett Feasibility Study

At this point, we conduct a small feasibility study to determine what a proof of concept of full scope project would look like. This is where we determine whether or not AI would be a valuable asset for your business or not.

The reality is that not all businesses are suitable for AI. What this feasibility study does is help us determine if AI is valuable for your business by developing a small prototype of what a full scale AI solution could look like using real data compiled by your company.

If at the end of this feasibility study, we determine AI will not be valuable for your company then we’ll tell you so you don’t waste any more time or money. If we think it will be a worthwhile asset for your company, then we’ll begin with the next stage, which is developing a full scale model proof of concept.

3 Gett Proof Of Concept

Developing a fully custom built AI machine solution is an incredibly costly investment in terms of time, money and resources. Furthermore, it’s also not a magic pill for your business and requires man and machine working together effectively to work at full capacity.

Therefore, a further larger scale proof of concept development is needed before full project delivery. This will allow us to determine whether or not there will be significant results to justify continuing with any AI project long-term. The proof of concept will be modelled off the feasibility study but use your company’s data over a longer period of time.

Then we’ll train the machine using your company’s data to accurately predict outcomes if a future roll-out of the machine were to take place. It will also involve training your staff in using and training the machines to perform as expected.

If the final proof of concept determines that the AI solution will generate significant results for your company then we’ll proceed with full project delivery.

We will let you know the full cost of full project delivery before any more work begins.

4 Gett Project Delivery

If we find that the potential outcomes as a result of the feasibility study and proof of concept model are positive then we’ll proceed with full project delivery.

Using computational science, software development, and machine learning expertise, we’ll build out a full scale model of your machine based off the proof of concept model. Our work with you does not end once full delivery has been finalised.

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